Our Array of Services

We provide aid in case of water or fire outbreak in your residential or commercial property. Our customized services depend on the kind of disaster you may be suffering from.

Categorization of Disaster Based Services

  • Water Damage: When water overflows in your property, it may cause heavy loss to the property in different ways. Looking after the issue requires technical assistance. Our trained team will put its best efforts to give you the best aid possible.
  • Fire Damage: When a fire breaks out in your property, it can cause irreparable damages. Howell Flooding helps you in this situation to restore and replace whatever they can so that you can smile again.

Restoration Services

  • Inspection of the damage caused: The team at Howell Flooding will inspect the extent of your damage and will draw out an effective plan for the cleaning process.
  • Identify and fix the cause of the problem: Sometimes pipe burst, sewage backflows or even roof leaking can lead to water overflow inside your property. Fixing the issue becomes important in this case to prevent further water overflow.
  • Draw out excessive water: With the use of submersible pumps, the excessive water that is accumulated in the space around is drawn out.
  • Structural Drying: Dehumidifiers, air coolers, heaters and vacuum cleaners are deployed for the fast drying process. The walls and the upholstery around are dried completely with no scope of moisture.

Hygrometers are deployed later to check the moisture level in the surroundings, in order to ensure proper drying.

  • Carpet Drying: Carpets are susceptible to stains, germs, and dirt and this makes cleaning them necessary. With the use of vacuum cleaners and stain removal agents, carpets are thoroughly dried and cleaned for creating a good hygienic environment.
  • Mold Remediation: Mold forms where moisture exists. This is kind of bacteria that should be dealt with on priority basis as they spread diseases such as rashes, asthma, and itching, coughing and other respiratory issues. With the help of mold killing sprays, these molds are treated for creating healthy breathable environments.
  • Odor Control: When moisture forms its place around an enclosed area, bad odor also starts creeping in. With the help of deodorizing agents and room fresheners, the odor is dealt with in an effective manner.

Restoration Services

  • Inspection of the damage caused: Our team will assess the affected area and look for all your valuables so that they can at least safeguard what has not been charred to great extent.
  • Smoke and soot elimination: The smoke around the property that has caught fire is common. This smoke is unhealthy to breathe and must be eliminated from the environment on a priority basis. Our team will use air purifiers and sprinklers to put away smoke and soot before moving on to other operations.
  • Disposing of charred material: We believe in preserving the environment and for the same reason we dispose the charred material with utmost care and try to recycle it if possible.
  • Mold Remediation: Mold is common in places with moisture and this case moisture would be common due to firefighting operations conducted earlier. The experts at Howell Flooding will kill mold with the help of sprays.

Replacement: Once things get burned completely, they can’t be revived back. Our team will help you replace whatever has been completely damaged so that you can feel nothing has been changed


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